Do You Have Low Testosterone?

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At one time, the testosterone level in men starts to decline. Low testosterone is associated with the problem of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is more prevalent in aging men.

Over the last decade, there has been an increase in the number of men diagnosed with low testosterone. There are different factors that have led to an increase in diagnosis numbers. Some of the factors include increase in the number of aging men, less stigma and precise tests.

There are many symptoms that can indicate a reduction of testosterone in the body. Examples of the symptoms include feeling week, loss of sex drive and depression.

Overview of Testosterone

The human body has a hormone that is known as testosterone. This hormone is responsible for some of the characteristic features of the male body, such as hair on the chest. The hormone is also responsible for a person’s sex drive. Know about Low Testosterone O’Fallon Illinois here!

Testosterone is responsible for muscle buildup, breaking of the voice and increase in the sexual organ of men during their adolescence years. In adulthood, testosterone helps to keep the muscles and bones strong. The hormone also determines a person’s sex drive. Men are largely who they are due to testosterone.

When mean reach their 30s, it is normal for them to experience a decrease in testosterone levels. There is a gradual decrease in the amount of testosterone levels in the body from the age of 30. As the hormone level reduces, men tend to have a lower sex drive. However, when most men start experiencing a decrease in sex drive, they think it is due to aging. Doctors indicate that near-total lack of sex drive is usually not as a result of gradual decrease of testosterone. You are likely to have an underlying health issue if you suffer from erectile dysfunction in your 201 to early 40s.

Most symptoms associated with a decrease in testosterone are also experienced with other medical problems. Examples of the conditions include high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, diabetes, and depression. However, doctors have found out that low levels of testosterone in the body can lead to these conditions.

Before resorting to treating you for low testosterone, doctors will eliminate all the other conditions that share the symptoms you may be experiencing. You will have to undergo a blood lab test to determine how much testosterone you have in your body. Learn about Testosterone Injections O’Fallon Illinois here!

Is Your Testosterone Count Level too Low?

The lowest level of testosterone in the body is 300ng/dL. The most testosterone you can have in the body is 800ng/dL. When you undertake a blood test, your testosterone level can end up being lower than expected if you are suffering from HIV/AIDS, kidney diseases, obesity, hormonal disorders, chronic liver disease or Type 2 diabetes. Learn more about testosterone at

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